Fête de la Bretagne – BreizhÉire 2019

BreizhÉire celebrate Fête de la Bretagne at The Cobblestone pub venue. There are six hours of concerts where everybody is invited to dance to folk music of Brittany, and also from Ireland and Europe, the night starts at 6:30pm to finish late.
Also called the Fest-Noz in Brittany, it could be compared to a Céilí in Ireland. It means, the “Night Party” where everybody dances together, by holding hands. It’s very common over there and very easy dancing. The people dance together in groups or in couples, following the different tunes of the singers and musicians on stage.
And…delicious crepes – the traditional food of Brittany, will be made on-site by local Bretons in the adjacent semi-outdoor terrazzo, so even if dancing is not for you – come along and enjoy the music and the food!
Three bands will come especially from Brittany for this night. A fourth band from Dublin will join them to play six hours on this famous traditional stage of The Cobblestone:
Le Guillou / Jegou – Sterenn le Guillou and Enora Jegou are two very young female singers. They sing the Kan Ha Diskan. It is a vocal tradition that means roughly “Call and Response singing”. The style is the most commonly used to accompany dances. It has become perhaps the most integral part of the Breton roots revival, and was the first genre of Breton music to gain some mainstream success, both in Brittany and abroad.
Enora and Sterenn – met in Diwan School (Breton language school). In Kemper, in their school they started to sing in a Kan Ha Diskan workshop managed by the famous traditional singer Louise Ebrel . Now they enjoy performing together in most of the venue and festivals in the five departments of Brittany, as at the well-known InterCeltic Festival of Lorient. They sing in a band called “Eben”, as well.
Le Goff / Gautier – Clément Le Goff and Titouan Gautier live both in Rennes, the administrative capital of Brittany. There are professional musicians. In this duo, Clément sings and plays the Bombard. This instrument is a contemporary conical-bore double-reed instrument widely used to play traditional Breton music. Titouan plays the diatonic accordion.
Young musicians, they already have a long experience of concerts and fest-noz. They played in most of the biggest festival in traditional music (Festival Interceltique of Lorient, Festival Yaouank in Rennes, Festival de Cornouaille in Kemper…) They produce a great sound of traditional music that will drive the public to get up and dance.
The Klandestins – this band of six musicians hailing from three different countries will make you travel all over Europe with their multicultural repertory of dancing songs, both traditional and new. Come and discover with them the languages and the steps of the dances still practiced today by thousands of enthusiasts. English, French, Spanish, German, and Italian, the “Balfolk” doesn’t have borders with The Klandestines.
Tamm Tan – is a group of 4 singing musicians from Bas Leon (North West Brittany) created in 2006.
Edouard, vocals & chromatic accordion
Arnold, singing and full of wind instruments
Yves, singing and percussion
Jacques, singing, guitar and bombard
In The Cobblestone, the band will perform in a duo set, called Tamm Tan Daouad. Edouard and Jacques will perform their long repertoire of popular songs from Brittany, mainly for traditional dances, as well.
Fest-Noz Admission: €10 at the door, from 6:30pm.
Dance the night away and enjoy the delicious Crêpes, made on-site, in a semi-outside room beside the Fest Noz!

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