Meelika Hainsoo + Ülemakstud Rentslihärrad – Estonian Folk

Meelika Hainsoo –

With a master’s degree in folk singing under her belt, Meelika plays fiddle, hiiu kannel and both sings and teaches singing. She is an accomplished fiddle player and plays hiiu kannel. Immersed in folk music since childhood, thanks to her musician grandfather, she has sung and played in bands like Vägilased, Strand…Rand, Wirbel, Kiritöö, Armastuse ja Rõõmu Laulud and although she loves both old runo-songs and newer songs, her heart belongs to song games. Her main band is Lepaseree.

Meelika describes her singing as follows: “I sing as if painting a picture: my voice is my paintbrush and the words are the symbols I play around with. When I sing an old song, I always look for the question, thought or emotion that touches me in my present life and helps me understand the world a little better. The joy, pain and beauty of that recognition is what I want to share with the listeners.”

Ülemakstud Rentslihärrad (Overpaid Guttergents) come from the hilly countryside of Southern-Estonia, playing traditional tunes and songs from the times before our grandparents were born, and from the times when they had been born a while ago and were cheerfully singing together at dusk, with the Johns from their neighbouring farm, about their feelings and pretty songs soaking-wet with pathos mixed up with provincial show-off large-scale works full of nonsense romanticism. Diatonic accordion and traditional Estonian village-songs, traditional Estonian village-songs and diatonic accordion mixed up and together provide the best joy for your dancing feet we can offer! The listeners will get some too!

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