Tom ‘T.P’ Mulligan – Life & Legacy

Fiddle-player and piper Tom Mulligan(1915 to 1984), from Bornacoola Co. Leitrim.

Tom arrived into the Dublin music in 1935 and he was a founding member of St Mary’s Music Club in Church Street, Dublin.

Tom Mulligan’s legacy has now spread through his family and children to an upcoming generation of many grandchildren and beyond now playing and carrying on this great musical heritage. He was one of the unsung heroes of Irish musical life over many decades in the Dublin music scene. A man who carried his musical legacy with passion, pride and humility and who embraced, cherished and influenced Irish music and culture in a most loving way.

Alphie Mulligan – Editor & Néillidh Mulligan – Script

The Luthier of Manor St

Mini-Doc by Mark Coughlan about Northside fiddle maker James Beatley who makes the finest of instruments from his workshop on Manor St.

Donegal Traveller & Fiddle Player John Doherty

Once there was a King

New demo track release from the new trio of John Flynn, Ultan O’Brien and Patrick Cummins – Once there was a King.

OTWAK is John Flynn (voice/guitar/flute), Ultan O’Brien (fiddle) and Patrick Cummins (banjo). The trio began playing together whilst touring as part of the larger seven-piece outfit, Skipper’s Alley..

Collectively, the members of the trio share a line of thinking that has led them to a creative process that is spontaneous and improvisatory by nature. They carve out their own experimental and imperfect path guided by the traditional tunes and songs they play. There is always an element of chance in the creative process. There is no over-arching, wordy theory binding the music; it is spontaneous, moment-music.

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