Alice Jago + Jem Mitchell

Jem Mitchell is a singer-songwriter from North Dublin. Having fronted numerous indie rock outfits during the late 80’s early 90’s Mitchell has settled into a more sedate sound which has been described as Alt-Country, a term Mitchell is not uncomfortable with. A key element in creating this sound is Mitchells’ collaboration with longtime friend and guitar virtuoso Ken Browne. The bands’ line up is completed by the stalwart rhythm section of brothers Mark and John Colbert. Mitchell has recently been overheard to say that musically 2018 will be harder, faster and louder. A return to his indie rock roots perhaps?

Fellow singer-songwriter Alice Jago also hails from the same neck of the woods as Mitchell both in location and in musical genre. Hotpress describing her songs “like they were written 200 years ago, and may well be written again 200 years from now “… They will be performing individually and as a group along with Ken Browne on electric guitar on the night.

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