Andy the Doorbum | Dowth | Raide Peat

Andy the Doorbum – Though his earliest roots were in visual art, punk & bizarro lo-fi electronic home recording, Andy’s projects range from lush experimental folk to full scale theatrical performances that really have to be seen to be properly felt & understood.

Dowth combine bassy drones with the interweaving, trance-inducing, pagan melodies of fiddle and melodica, featuring Tim Ording (Melodica Deathship) on Melodica and Beat Production and John Kelleher (Rats Blood, Burnchurch) on Fiddle.

Radie Peat is a singer and multi-instrumentalist from Dublin, Ireland, whose work centres largely around traditional and folk music from Ireland and the English speaking world.

Aside from singing she also plays concertina, tin whistle, accordion, harmonium, banjo, guitar, ukulele and harp, having started playing at the age of five. She has come to prominence most recently through her work with traditional folk group Lankum/Lynched, as well as with the three-piece group Rue whose music focuses more on the American tradition.

She is also quite well regarded as a solo singer in her own right, having been invited in recent years as a guest singer to the Inishowen International Folk Song & Ballad Seminar and The Night Before Larry Got Stretched and Góilín traditional singers circles in Dublin.


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