Antoni O’Breskey – When Bach Was an Irishman and Mozart a Gypsy Boy

Antoni O’ Breskey and Band – When Bach Was an Irishman and Mozart a Gypsy Boy
“Pure sonic reverie” – The Irish Echo Boston 2016
Antoni O’Breskey -piano
Tony Byrne – guitar
Davide Viterbo – cello
Consuelo Nerea – vocals, fiddle, bodhran
Special Guest: Jason O’Rourke – concertina
This is the new CD/Book of Antoni O’ Breskey, a sophisticated and ironical musical journey where classical music meets its roots in the traditional music of the world, particularly Irish and the Gypsy music, through surprisingly original re-elaborated versions of classical pieces mixed with Jazz, Irish, Flamenco, Balkan and Arabian sounds.
A Bach’s fugue that turns into an Irish Dixie, a Mozart’s minuet in the Scottish valleys, a Chopin’s studio from Warsaw to Granada becoming a Flamenco Jondo Chant, The 9th Symphony of Beethoven in the Appalachian Mountains, Mozart’s Turkish March brought back to Istanbul ending unexpectedly in a polka in the Kerry style…
In the book Antóni O’Breskey sums up his theories that deflate the ethnocentrism of classical western music and brings back the focus on the various traditional musical cultures, that are unacknowledged by the big media and the academic world, and which are really the roots of all music.
Pamiela Editions, Basque Country. Book in English and Basque.
Article about the album in The Irish Echo:
Doors 8pm // Adm €10 / €15 with CD + Book

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