Balfolk Dublin Carnival Party with Bal Feirste

Balfolk Dublin Carnival Party with Bal Feirste!
Just wear comfortable shoes and let yourself go. No partner needed, beginners welcome.
> h. 16 – 16.30 warm up with recorded music
> h. 16.30 – 19 Bal Feirste CONCERT and BAL
> h. 19 – 21 more live music and dances with Balfolk Dublin
An alternative way to appreciate a folk music gig. Inclusive & intercultural dancing event: dancing to traditional folk music has been gaining popularity since the 1970s. The traditional dances come primarily from the French tradition, but also from other countries like Poland, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Portugal, etc. (the range of dances becoming ever more extensive).
Just as with traditional tunes and their simple but touching and efficient melodies, the main steps of traditional dances are easy to learn, but can become more complex and diverse through variation, improvisation and interpretation, permitting, in a sense, everyone to find her/his own groove: beginners as well as proficient dancers. The dances are diverse: there are circle, group and couple dances. Often, the music and dances have modern influences, which has the benefit of making it a multigenerational event.
Balfolk events and Festivals occur in many different countries across Europe: Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Germany etc. but aren’t that well known in Ireland yet. The aim of the Balfolk Dublin group is to promote it here.

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