Day of the Dead Fest 2019

Featuring Dublin Hip Hop artist Temper-Mental MissElayneous with DJ FunkTom,
and special guest Punk Poet Natasha Helen Crudden
The Day of the Dead Fest is an annual gathering of Singer-Songwriters, poets and other performance artists based in Dublin Ireland to celebrate the Mexican Day of the Dead…an evening of pageantry, passion, style and a hell of a lot of fun..please join us!
Temper-Mental MissElayneous is an accomplished performer in the Irish Hiphop and poetry world. She wrote her first poem at 9 and then discovered Hiphop, which was to become her driving force along with her first love – Punk. Aged 14 she named herself ‘Temper-Mental’ and added ‘MissElayneous’ to her moniker at 19. After several solo years on the circuit, the straight-edge punk rapper became an official duo act when she met turntablist DJ FunkTom in 2014.
TMM are an anarcho-punk hiphop duet that work with the edgiest produce from other ‘crust of the underground’ beatmakers and musicians. Along with the use of sampling, scratching and beatbox accompaniment, the unrelenting lyrics and complex rap patterns assert an aggressively playful, provocative and engaging live experience.
“Elayne Harrington is a consummate artist and wordsmith who has extended the definition of poetry on the island of Ireland. A gifted communicator and a riveting performer, she catalyses the energy of her audience”
“Amazing, awesome, a masterclass in performance” Day of the Dead Fest 2018
Darwin’s Daughter, aka Fiona, Iives in Wicklow and regularly travels to Scotland and England seeking inspiration and collaboration for new songs. Recently graduating from songwriting at BIMM in Dublin, her music is informed by personal experiences throughout her life and a musical education from her dad who played folk, country and world music 24 hours a day! Currently working with fiddle player Seamus Harmey, the duo bring a mixture of upbeat acoustic tunes and sensitive ballads. She released her debut Ep The Dark last year..”a dark haunting beauty that will have the hairs raised on the back of your neck” Blog of the Dead
Dean Wright – from Dean and Chapter – who have just released their latest single Street Corners from their powerful debut EP Spiritual Suicide – a musician from Newry County Down, a ‘Londoner he was classically trained in guitar as a child and has been writing and performing songs all his life.
“The title track is a wonderful post punk punch – this is dark and passionate, this is not music for the sake of it, this is about letting the demons out – about expressing life’s frustrations, about getting worked up and emotional and lyrical about what you’ve been through – plus this a guy who claims to be friends with the devil!” Blog of the Dead
Liam Oragh’s Debut album ‘Only 2 late if you’re Dead’ won the Hot Press Pick-of-the-Fortnight award when it was released in 2012 and included the fun single ‘Hey Nelson’ about his wanting to inherit Nelson Mandela’s Shirt Collection and was followed by 2017’s ‘The Arguments against Insanity’ which included the stunning single ‘Oblivious’ about a girl he saw almost walk under a bus while looking at her mobile phone – The man behind the madness, he is the organizer and blogger behind the annual Day of the Dead Fest, also a practicing Sound Healer/Therapist, he is as happy performing a sound bath as he is playing a gig!
Klara McDonnell is a Carlow based singer/songwriter and actress who released her debut solo EP “Trapped Within” in November 2017. Previously, she was the lead vocalist of Irish alt-rock band Hypno Puppet for 5 years. She will be releasing her next single “Dusty Glitter” this autumn and is currently writing for her next EP.
Klara’s influences include; Sheryl Crow, Tom Waits, David Bowie and Patsy Cline. She draws listeners in with her catchy melodies and at times, her quite dark lyrics.
“Soulful, elegant and delightful” Blog of the Dead
Donal Coghlan started writing songs late in life. As such he has lots of experience to draw on .He released an EP of four self-penned songs. His influences are varied and wide with a distinct country blues feel – a very experienced performer.
Donal is a singer songwriter in the true sense of the word & his songs reflect the everyday & life changing issues that visit us all. Based in Kells County Meath he is the host of the Kells Indie Sessions singer- songwriter showcases.
Tanya Kelly comes to us from Portland Maine USA, she spent many years as a local singer-songwriter there, having played piano since the age of 7 before moving onto guitar in her teens, she is also a visual artist as well as a DJ and formerly ran a post-punk/gothic themed dance night, Tanya is currently pursuing a PhD at Trinity College where she researches Ovarian Cancer.
Kasey Shelley is a writer and poet from Dublin. Her work touches on love and relationships, mental health, social issues and being a woman. She has been performing in the Irish Spoken word scene for two and a half years. She has been published in Flare, Harness, A New Ulster and Picaroon Poetry. She is also featured in two anthologies, Selfies & Portraits and Mustang Bally. She is one of the co founders of Dolcáin’s Cellar, Clondalkin’ only open mic night, and she has just published her debut collection Conversations with myself which she will be performing poems from on the night. “Honest, heartfelt and powerful” Blog of the Dead
Originally from the village of Eglinton in Derry, Northern Ireland, Gillian Hamill has lived in Dublin for the past 12 years, she has a BA in English from Trinity College and a MA in Journalism from NUI Galway, she is the editor of trade magazine Shelf Life and has acted in a number of theatre productions. Gillian started writing poetry in 2014 and is a very active campaigner with MyNameis highlighting child homelessness.
Sophia Molloy has been published in Flare poetry magazine and will be performing poems from her debut collection – To the man who speaks only Greek in Montreal – which is being published in 2020.
Special guest – Natasha Helen Crudden is a punk-influenced performance poet, musician and author of poetry collections “Barbed-Wire Cage” and “Ctrl/Alt/Delete” and novel “Empire Evolution”. Her work has been published in several literary publications and her performance resume includes Electric Picnic and main stage Whelans. She is a regular on the Dublin open mic scene and performs at arts nights throughout Ireland.
“Enjoy the link between punk and poetry, between spoken word performance and literary charm, between in-your-face lyrics to lie-back-down prose, between grunge rock attitude and classy style that is Natasha Helen Crudden.” Blog of the Dead
Price of Admission – €12 on the door!

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