Direct Swing – Mosney Arts Group

A night of music to support the young musicians and artists living in Mosney Direct Provision Center, Co.Meath. Funds raised on the night will go towards supporting Mosney Creative Arts group, a volunteer based initiative aimed at linking Irish people and the wider community who may not be Irish, with the residents in Mosney to come together and create, through music dance theater and art. The Mosney Creative Arts group encourage, facilitate and support the creative aspirations of all the young people living in the center.
Direct Provision is Ireland’s inhumane solution to housing people fleeing war and seeking refuge. They are devoid of integration into wider society with children being born in centers run for private profit and families waiting up to 10+ years to find out their fate.
The Tolka Hot Club – are a hot swing group formed by the banks of the river Tolka on Dublin’s north side, late in 2014. The group bring a body of music from the Roaring 20’s and 30’s, from both sides of the Atlantic right into the twenty-first century, along with this the repertoire is peppered with Balkan, Latin and Turkish tunes with a few modern surprises! All this is delivered with the lush yet percussive ambiance that only strings can provide in the hypnotic Gypsy jazz style.
Ain’t Saint John – is Irish singer/songwriter and piano player John Mac Naeidhe. His music has been described as “a nice blend of Americana and folk music with glimpses of Elliot Smith and Bill Callahan”(John Barker, 98FM). His debut release, The Grow Yourself EP features 6 songs recorded with a full band in December 2013 in Dublin. It available on Itunes and Bandcamp.
Lucie Azconaga & Marko Gazic – met in Dublin and have recently formed a jazz duo in which they bring old jazz standards from the 20s and 30s back to life.

Lucie Azconaga is a French singer, multi-instrumentalist and composer based in Dublin. She started with jazz in Bordeaux and has then formed the French band Alasource with whom she recorded two albums and performed all around her native France. Since moving to Ireland, she has been very active on the Dublin music scene, performing with artists such as Lisa O’Neill on her tour with the Divine Comedy, with ‘Betty Swing Machine’, playing fiddle with her Traditional Irish duo ‘Varo’ and working on her new solo project which is a blend of swing, jazz, blues and French music.
Marko Gazic is a professional musician from New York City now living in Dublin. He has performed around the United States, Canada, and Europe playing early jazz, most notably in the band Sly Blue. Through the years, he’s proved his versatility by playing in touring rock, blues, hip-hop, and reggae bands. Marko is now most active in the Dublin bluegrass scene but is also returning to his jazz roots.

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