James Carty – Hiding Daylight in Dark Corners

Fiddle player James Carty will launch his debut album ‘Hiding Daylight in Dark Corners’ in The Cobblestone.

He will be accompanied by Brian McGrath on piano, Francis Gaffney on guitar and some special guests.
James Carty is one of the finest Irish fiddlers of his generation. His music is brimming with style and nuance that set him apart from the crowd. His debut album, Hiding Daylight in Dark Corners, demonstrates an affinity for and understanding of the rich fiddle tradition of Co. Sligo, while at the same time highlighting a sound unique to his family. His playing calls to mind the musical voices of past greats who left Ireland for New York and London long ago as well as those who remained, carrying on the tradition in its home. All the while, he maintains an individual creativity blending these diverse colours into a design very much his own. – Seán Gavin

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