Luinn is a unique fiddle and piano duo, and the foremost promoter of Irish Music in Colombia. They have graced Medellín’s most prestigious stages and performed at the first Irish Ambassador residence for Colombia. A captivating acoustic duo that will awaken senses and pull at heartstrings through their mixture of emotive traditional pieces from and vibrant original sounds.
Luinn is a duo of Celtic musicians from Colombia, formed by Carolina Arango on fiddle and David Gaviria on piano. The duo explore folklore and the sounds of music from Ireland, Scotland and other countries that share the same roots. The format reflects the sobriety of these two instruments that find their voice in this organic and festive music, in order to express a select range of emotions.
Carolina found her vocation in music at an early age and her musical interests lead her to obtain a Masters in Irish Traditional Music Performance from the University of Limerick (Ireland), acquiring the knowledge that gives shape to this proposal. David, a composer from the University of Antioquia, brings with his creative abilities the essential elements to make this duet a perfect mix between the fascinating tradition of Celtic music and the fresh and vibrant sounds of Luinn.
Luinn has performed concerts in various cultural centers in the city of Medellin and highlights the concert held for the celebration of the national day of Ireland in the residence of the current Irish ambassador, Alison Milton, along with the company of the Colombian Ambassador in Ireland, Patricia Cortés.
Luinn musicians are also part of Aire irlandés, a group with 6 years experience committed to spreading Irish music in Colombia.
Luinn’s first album
There is a small island in the North, its name is Luinn. There, an idea takes shape and boldly embarks on a musical journey was first anchored in Ireland, the Emerald Island, carrying joyful melodies and melancholy airs in its coffers. With Carolina as your companion, sail towards South America and arrive in a country with two seas. The journey continues on foot until it reaches the Andes mountain range, where David joins in as a new member to harvest this musical work in the land of coffee, where Ireland and Colombia converse in the language of their traditional music.

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