Mean Mary & Frank James

Award-winning musician/writer and fan favorite (over 12 million views on her YouTube videos), Mean Mary, literally grew-up in music. She evolved from a child prodigy who played for tips on the streets of Nashville (“startling talent” said the Tennessean) to a seasoned performer and headliner of over 4000 festivals and concerts (“the voice of a ragged Angel combined with the banjo playing of the Devil” says No Depression). To date she plays 11 instruments and is known for her intense pickin’ speed and her irresistible story songs. Anything from ghost pirates and barefoot girls to demon guitars and iron horses could romp through a Mean Mary show—or run like mad when she enters fast-picking mode.
Mean Mary will be joined onstage by her brother, Frank James, and will travel the genres of roots, bluegrass, blues, and folk rock with unprecedented (and unpredictable) ease. She promises an intimate and fun preview of songs from her new album, Blazing, plus a lot of her old favorites as well. And yes, there are some really fast new songs – blazing fast!

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