Mountain House

Mountain House – draw their name from the Mountains of Wicklow, a place beyond the Pale. It is where the musicians themselves now live.

Like the mountains themselves, their music is much more than the sum of all its parts.

Paul Bradley – has been playing fiddle for over forty years, since he was eight years old. His style has many influences from as far apart as County Donegal in the North, to Counties Clare and Kerry. His style is unique and expressive.

He has played at festivals worldwide as well as making TV and radio broadcasts at home and abroad. He is a tutor with Music Generation and a violin maker. Originally from Armagh, he lives in County Wicklow.

Ger Fitzgerald – from early years Ger has been noted as a gifted traditional singer. She performs easily in different genres, from the Traditional ballads of Ireland to Sean Nós, (traditional singing in the Gaelic Language), and is comfortable with the songs contemporary artists.

Joe McKenna – a pupil of Leo Rowsome, Joe has been a touring musician all his life.

Joe is known for his mastery of the Uilleann pipes and his fearlessness in taking his playing to the edge. His playing retains much of the character of uilleann piping from the past but it is vrry much alive to the present. His music is big hearted, playful and fiery.

Yvon Riou – is known for his playing with Breton musicians Jean-Michel Veillon, Gilles Servat, Kristen Nogues and Irish musicians Bríd Harper, Martin Meehan as well as Mountain House.

He provides subtly structured accompaniment, tastefully complementing the Irish repertoire. His playing ranges from power-house chording to the most imaginative shading of melody and song. (Watch out for his beautiful guitar solos).

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