Niall Thomas

Niall Thomas, joined by Patrick Daly on Violin and Kevin Murphy on Cello, will be sharing songs from his 2018 released ‘Night Sky Blue’ and a selection of new material ahead of its recording in April of this year. Hector Castells will be providing live visuals on the night from footage collected for the recently released video for ‘Comes in Waves’.
Niall Thomas is a Dublin based Musician and Songwriter who released his second studio album Night Sky Blue in April 2018 receiving a glowing 4 Star Review from The Irish Times with comparisons being drawn to the late great John Martyn and Nick Drake. Renowned for his intricate guitar stylings and his mellifluous voice Niall will be performing a select number of intimate shows in first few months of 2019 bringing songs from Night Sky Blue and some new material ahead of his return to the studio later this Spring to commence the recording of his third album.
Press Reviews:
“Night Sky Blue is a heart-warming selection of tender songs about daily life, human resilience and love and loss in Dublin’s north inner city…….very pleasing shades of Nick Drake and John Martyn…. a moving paean to Dublin’s fair city, and life itself.” ★★★★ The Irish Times
“The songs demonstrate that is a man who has a keen eye on the human condition…as these are pieces of work displaying real depth and feeling……like many proper albums as opposed to collections of songs, this is one that takes a time to get to know and grows on the listener after a few plays. Very much in the style of Nick Drake, this will definitely be one for you if that is your thing.” ★★★★ Americana Uk
Special Guests: Kevin Murphy (Slow Moving Clouds) will be performing a solo Cello set on the night.
Kevin Murphy is an experimental cellist and composer whose dynamic and innovative approach continues to challenge the accepted scope of music for cello. He has been involved in numerous collaborations over the past twenty five years, including with notable rock/avant garde artists such as The Band, Dave Gahan (Depeche Mode) and Gavin Friday. He has also collaborated with Irish traditional artists such as John Spillane, Phil Callery, (Voice Squad), Ger Wolfe and Cormac Breathnach. He is a founding member of renowned experimental Irish bands Seti The First and Slow Moving Clouds. Seti The First’s debut album Melting Calvary received critical acclaim both at home and abroad while similarly, Slow Moving Cloud’s debut album Os, which innovatively fuses Finnish and Irish traditional influences with otherworldly soundscapes has caught fire both in Ireland and internationally. Kevin has co-composed the soundtrack to Juanita Wilson’s new film Tomato Red and The Lodgers. He has also co-composed the score for Michael Keegan Dolan’s award winning dance/theatre show Swan Lake/Loch na Heala.
Tracy Gallagher
Mayo born, Dublin dwelling singer/songwriter. Debut EP “The Fallen” due for release in 2019.

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