Recollect | Promoting Mental Health Awareness in Archaeology in memory of Mandy Stephens

Acoustic session with Niall Colfer of Dovecote followed by ‘Anarchaeologist’ DJ!

In June the archaeological community tragically lost our friend and colleague Mandy Stephens. Although Mandy had been forced out of the archaeological profession during the recession, she was still very much part of our community and remained an archaeologist at heart. Archaeology is a difficult profession which often tests not only our physical strength but also our mental and emotional strength. We need to work together to promote positive mental health among this small community. Inspired by the work of Aware and in an attempt to do something positive to remember Mandy, we have decided to organise this event to bring together Mandy’s friends and colleagues to raise funds for Aware and support them in the amazing services they provide to individuals, families and communities impacted by depression.

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