Rosie Timmon + ELKIN + EV + Orlagh Kenny

Rosie Timmon – a new singer-songwriter emerging on the Dublin scene with a bang, or better yet a belt. Inspired by the soulful sounds of the 1970’s mixed in with fresh fast paced hip-hop vibrations, the combination creates a modern sound that maintains uniqueness while still bringing an audience back. Rosie has been singing her whole life, but has traded in the hairbrush in her bedroom for a microphone, and she well knows how to make it pop. These first original songs are designed to send a message of self-love and influence audiences to stay positive, upbeat, and most importantly keep on groovin’!

ELKIN – are a 4-piece band based in Meath and Kildare. Ellen and Carla started writing and singing together when they were 15 and released 2 EPs before building up the band to include bassist/guitarist Peter and drummer Robert in early 2017.

EV – is the musical act of Dublin based Corkonian Evelyn Finnerty, whose alt-rock stylings were once described as ‘Nirvana meets The Cranberries’. EV released her first single ‘Limp’ in 2016 and is set to release her second single ‘Summer Clothes’ in 2017 through Kildare based Little Wolf Records.
Orlagh Kenny – is a 19 year old singer-songwriter from Dublin, gaining National and International recognition for her raw and emotional lyrics and breathtaking vocals. Kenny has just returned from a 3 week stint with the band The Murphy Sisters in France. Currently recording her highly anticipated EP which will be released next year.
Orlagh Kenny is one to watch. Her voice is mesmerising as is her stage presence. Kenny has just finished recording with fellow singer-songwriter Dylan Harcourt on his EP. To keep up to date on release dates and gig listings, check out Orlagh Kenny on Facebook and Instagram.

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