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Rufus Coates & the Blackened Trees | James Michael Rodgers | King PallasGer Kelly

The Irish dark folk-blues combo Rufus Coates & the Blackened Trees are a unique, dark and atmospheric blues/folk band from Ireland currently based in Berlin.

The deep voice of Rufus Coates creates a beautiful contrast to the gentle vocals of his bandmate Jess Smith. The dense atmosphere of the music immediately draws the listener into another world and is perfectly suited to escape everyday life.

Their live show is one not to be missed and always promises to be an atmospheric and heartfelt affair.


James Michael Rodgers is a singer-songwriter from Glasgow, Scotland. He released his debut record “Shame to be Alive” on 12″ Vinyl and for digital download independently last year. It was produced by the master of the Glasgow underground sound, Luigi Pasquini (Outblinker, Bonnie prince billy) in a traditional analogue, live room style. James then travelled Europe and eventually moved to Berlin and has now become a prevalent member of its thriving folk scene.
With his strong soulful voice and intense intricate guitar playing he weaves honest and timeless songs that have been compared to the likes of John Martyn, Van Morrison, Nick Drake and Jeff Buckley.
“James Michael Rodgers sang into the hearts of the audience and won the Sphinxfest songwriter competition” Südkurier

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