The Night Before Larry Got Stretched – Ken Hall and Peta Webb

The Night Before Larry Got Stretched is a monthly traditional singing session held in The Cobblestone. Larry returns on November 4th with Ken Hall and Peta Webb.
Peta Webb, a Londoner with an Irish background, formed her highly-acclaimed individual vocal style through the influence of Irish traditional singers especially Margaret Barry, Sarah Makem and Sarah and Rita Keane. Peta believes firmly in the importance of learning directly from traditional singers wherever possible and has taken part in many collecting trips. With Ken Hall she runs the successful Musical Traditions Club in London, which has a policy of presenting traditional singers.
Ken Hall, originally from Liverpool, started singing at the Islington Folk Club in London and was much influenced by Bob Davenport, Reg Hall and the traditional singers he heard there. He later developed an interest in the Northern Irish singing style of Joe Holmes and Len Graham, Kevin Mitchell and Roisin White. Ken has a fine voice and has a reputation for introducing in England the satirical and humorous songs of Sean Mone and others in the ongoing Irish songwriting tradition.
PETA WEBB and KEN HALL got together to explore the rich sounds of acappella duet singing, drawing on the American Brother duets of the 1940s as well as British and Irish traditions. They sing regularly at festivals in England (Whitby, Sidmouth, The former National), Scotland (Fife, Cullerlie) and Ireland (Inishowen, Frank Harte Weekend, Dublin) and were invited to perform at Pinewoods (USA) in the millennium. �Ken has a degree in Irish Studies and has given several presentations at festivals on Irish history through song. Peta has presented many workshops on traditional singing styles of Britain and Ireland with a special focus on the role of women as song carriers.

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