The Rad, the Bad, and the Trad

Come celebrate a night of music, comedy, and poetry, where you can look forward to running the gamut of emotions!! Prepare for hilarity, sadness, and even anger to course through your very bones, igniting a fire inside you to go forth and fight for a better world for yourself and those who are more vulnerable in our society.

The funds raised on the night will go towards helping People before Profit challenge the establishment parties in the next general election. It’s beyond time to-

Build social housing
Put an end to the homelessness crisis
Repeal the 8th amendment
End Direct Provision

– and the many more things the current political establishment keep failing to prioritise.

We have an all- star line- up of performers on the night, with more yet to be finalised

Our artists include, but are by no means limited to-

Edwin Sammon Comedian / Landless / Andrea Farrell Comedian / Harry Bradley / Jesse Smith / Varo / Eoghan Ó Ceannabháin / The Cassidy Family / Rebecca TK

About the Artists

Edwin Sammon has been a stand-up comedian for 10 years and is best known for playing the hilarious “Fr.Gabriel” on “RTE’s Bridget and Eamon” & co-presenting on RTE’s “Republic of Telly”. Edwin has been solidly building new fans at every major festival in the country and comedy clubs across Ireland and the U.K. In 2013 he was part of the sold out nationwide “Lads Of Comedy”.

Andrea Farrell made a big impact as a finalist in the RTÉ New Comedy Awards, a TV showcase for promising comedians that spring boarded her onto a staple of Summer festival slots like the Vodafone Comedy Festival, Kilkenny Cats Laughs, Electric Picnic. She was awarded Stellar Comedian of the Year 2015, by Stellar magazine. ”Winningly dry’ – The Telegraph. “One to watch’ – The Independent’ “Hilarious’ – Bill Burr e Edinburgh Comedy Festival.


Eoghan Ó Ceannabháin is a founding member of the band Skipper’s Alley, with whom he has toured in France, Germany, the UK, India and Zambia. He is also part of the Aon Teanga:Un Chengey project, which explores the musical and linguistic ties between the Gaelic languages of Ireland, Scotland and the Isle of Man.

Jesse Smith played the fiddle with famous traditional group Danú for a number of years, recording a CD which received ‘Best Group’ BBC Radio 2 award in 2001. His 2002 self-titled solo album was among the ‘top ten’ CDs cited by music columnist Earle Hitchner in America’s largest Irish weekly, ‘The Irish Echo.

Harry Bradley has come to be recognized as one of the most distinctive flute players in Ireland today. In 2014, he was awarded the prestigious TG4 Gradam Cheoil Traditional Musician of the Year Award.

The Cassidys are a very well known musical family. As well as music, many of the younger generation are activists around social issues, like refugee rights, homelessness, and anti racism. Bringing a mix of traditional and contemporary folk songs in Irish and in English, as well as their own unique brand of choral seannós singing. This is seannós as its never been heard before- purists, be warned!!

Landless are Ruth Clinton, Meabh Meir, Sinead Lynch and Lily Power. They sing unaccompanied traditional songs from Irish, Scottish, English and American traditions in close four part harmony. Their repertoire features songs of love, death and lamentation, as well as work songs, shape-note hymns and more recently penned folk songs. Landless have performed in a variety of settings, both in Ireland and abroad, and are closely involved with traditional singing sessions in Dublin and Belfast. They are soon to release their debut album.

Varo is a fiddle and vocal duo. Lucie Azconaga and Consuelo Breschi arrange traditional tunes and songs, by weaving around the melodies with harmonies, drones, and countermelody, to create new avenues for the tunes to go down. Lucie and Consuelo are also involved in other projects, such as The Morning Tree, the Lisa O’ Neill band, and The Nomadic Piano Ensemble. They have both performed extensively in Italy, France, Ireland, and the UK. Frank Tate is a luthier, bouzouki and mandolin player. He has recorded and toured worldwide with Colm Mac Con Iomarie since 2008.

Rebecca TK Rebecca Kealy is a poet and multimedia artist living and loving in Dublin, she has performed extensively across the city and at many festivals. Her core beliefs are freedom, equality, peace and love.

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