The Rolling Waves

The Rolling Waves would like to invite all lovers of folk music to a special launch night of their CD and a night which is also dedicated to the memory of Seán Óg McKenna who played with the group since their inception until his recent tragic death. The Group will also be joined by guest Musicians on the night.
The Rolling Waves are a folk group with a distinctive troubadour sound and style, noted for their roguish charm both on and off the stage. Their repertoire consists of a distinctive but respectful take on many gems of Irish, Scottish and English folk music. They have been making waves with their tasty treatment of songs and thoughtful renditions of classic folk melodies. Indeed, many of their tunes, though essentially Celtic, have a subtle medieval flavour and this bouquet gives them a unique sound in Irish folk music today.
The Rolling Waves have performed at the Temple Bar Trad Festival, Beo Ballymun Trad Festival, The Donnycarney Trad Festival and were hired as a headline act for the battle of Clontarf Millennium Viking Festival in 2014. They also appeared at Festival Irlandese, Turin, Italy in 2016.

Mairéad O ‘Donnell: Stunning Vocalist and fiddle player, Mairéad has long had the ability to still a noisy pub with the sheer beauty and feeling of her song interpretations. She has been a semi-professional solo singer and musician for many years now.
Tom Moran: Plays bouzouki and banjo for the group. A former leading player with the Tallafornia Mandolin Band he has an encyclopedic knowledge of Irish and British folk music. He has been a source of many beautiful melodies for the group. Tom’s own CD “ The Man of the House” is noted for its gentle lyrical style and respect for the spirit of the tune.
Brian Dunne: of ‘Dunne and Dunner’ currently on hiatus. This genial Dub guarantees a smile on everyone’s face with his warm delivery of a diverse range of folk ballads. Brian is the guitarist and rhythm section of the group.
Derek Copley: Derek will be ably standing in for Seán Óg McKenna on this special night. Derek is well known on the Dublin scene being a versatile and specialist banjo and mandolin player not just with Irish music but Appalachian Ol’Time music also. He is a leading member of The Greasy Coat String band as well as hosting two trad sessions a week, one in his native Ballyfermot.
The Other Joe Duffy: On Traditional Flute and Whistles. Joe has featured on Ed Harper’s CD “The Goatman’s Litany” and is the founding member of the group. Joe has a fondness for harmonic accompaniment and his lyrical style of playing is suited to the repertoire and sound of The Rolling Waves.

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