The Rubber Wellies

Hoo ha! Hoo hoo ha! Bilbao and Dublin-based  folksters The Rubber Wellies present their multi-lingual cabaret of joyful, sing-a-long anthems, intimate ballads and anarchic participatory fun. Pirates, politicians, pidgeon lords, cracks in the wall and Basque cyclists all inhabit the songscape. And a beard snood….

Singer-songwriter Harry Bird and multi-instrumentalist Christophe Capewell have spent the last eight years entertaining audiences in all manner of places and in all kinds of weather. The travelling pair, often accompanied by a musical mash-up of welly friends and family, have performed all over Europe and beyond in fiestas, festivals, bars and boats, folk clubs, front-rooms, cafés and caves alike. With over 500 gigs and three albums under their belts, they’ve shortened their name but not their sense of adventure!

“One of my favourite bands of recent years – Mike Harding

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