Warmth, Wit & Wonder – James Kelly & Brian O’Rourke #Séamus100

James Kelly – Born in Dublin in the late 1950s, James is one of our most respected fiddle players, with a keen insight and interpretation. He approaches each tune afresh, bringing out its very best, in a marvellous juxtaposition of inventive playing and steely respect for the tune itself. Now living in Florida, James originally learned from his father John Kelly. John, in turn, carried the music of his mother Elizabeth and grandmother Mary Brennan. There are many special tunes now in the Irish music repertoire which trickled directly down through this thin musical thread. With this music inside him, it is no wonder that, not only does James play Irish music to die for, but he also makes tunes himself, many, many wonderful tunes.
Brian O’Rourke – “A wonderful songster, uniquely Irish, engaging to the point of being a meditation in himself, Brian has, for many years, been one of my favourite Irishmen to envy.” – Ronan Browne
And what better way to catch a glimpse of his performance than through the man’s own words: “Unaccompanied (and undistinguished!) solo singing, of songs in would-be traditional mode – unoriginal, overlong often, radio-repugnant – is not the most profitable of activities. So, why bother? What am I trying to peddle? In one word: stories. Stories – with luck, as engrossing as magic; at best, as essential as the air…”
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