Zoelas Galician Folk

Zoelas is a folk group from Galicia with many musical influences. The group was born four years ago in a Traditional and Musical Asociation in Galicia called “Fiadeira”. We started to do meetings to create songs with different rhythms and personal lyrics.
We want to show a mix of traditional songs with new creations. We intend is to put in value the women in the rural areas of Galicia.
-Marmuradoiras: A traditional song with other influences. In this song, we tell about gossiping people. If you talk about other people, you must talk in the best way. His lyrics are traditional couplets.

-Ruleando: This song is influenced by folk music from the south of Spain. The lyrics are by a Galician poet (Rosalía de Castro).

Juisconsin: This blues song tells about the women. We are strong people. We don´t need that nobody protect us.

Evelaités: This is a feminist and traditional song, which talks about the power of women to decide about their life.

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